Refereed Journals

(Forthcoming) "Policy Coalition Building in an Authoritarian Legislature:  Evidence from China’s National Assemblies (1983–2007)" (With Mingxing Liu and Feiyue Li) Comparative Political Studies. Online Appendix.


(Forthcoming) "The Sources of De Facto Power and Education Provision: Understanding Local Government Incentive in China" (with Mingxing Liu)  Publius: The Journal of Federalism. Online Appendix


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Refereed Book Chapter

(2016) “Ethical Challenges in Comparative Politics Experiments in China.” In Ethics and Experiments: Problems and Solutions for Social Scientists and Policy Professionals, ed. Scott Desposato. London: Routledge.


Book Review

(2012) Book review, A. B. Kipnis. Governing Educational Desire: Culture, Politics, and Schooling in China (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2011), Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 45 No. 5 (May): 667-670.

(2017) Book review, R. Truex. Making autocracy work: representation and responsiveness in modern China. (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2016), The China Quarterly, 232 (December): 1118-1119.


Working Papers Under Review

"Taxation and Preferences for Representation Revisited"  (With Didac Queralt and Jay C. Kao)


Work in Progress

"When do citizens want representation in exchange for taxation? An experimental study of property tax in urban China" (With Lily Tsai)  

"Local Governance and Political Support: Evidence from a List Experiment in China" (With Ding Li and Shuang Ma)